It’s hard to find time to write articles these days. In truth, i’ve always struggled to make time. I post links occasionally on twitter to things that have interested me but it’s difficult to track these down later too. I’ve decided to try putting together a post each week where I highlight things i’ve found interesting or useful. This will be the first one, let’s see how it goes.

What i’ve listened to

What i’m reading

  • Digitial minimalism by Cal Newport I’m only a few chapters into this book but it feels like a bit of a game changer for me. I’ve felt for a while now that technology is pulling me away from the moment. I stopped using Facebook a few years ago as I felt it made me unhappy. It may seem at odds with my career but I feel like more needs to change, i’ll see how this book helps.
  • The Myth Of The Spoiled Child by Alfie Kohn This isn’t the easiest read but it’s got a lot of great insights into the lack of evidence that permissive parenting has any ill effects on your kids.

Articles i’ve enjoyed

  • Reading in the Age of Constant Distraction Feels like there’s a bit of a theme here.

    Here, on the internet, is a nowhere space, a shallow time. It is a flat and impenetrable surface. But with a book, we dive in; we are sucked in; we are immersed, body and soul

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